The immigration issue is a hot topic around the water cooler, conservative radio shows and on the news. We each have our own opinions about the issue, but in the end we are still talking about souls who were created in the image of God. I believe that is where we need to start when we consider immigration. So, why this post on immigration? It is prompted because I just received the Mar/Apr 12 issue of Relevant with a wonderful article titled Who Would Jesus Deport? It’s a good Christian response to the immigration issue and to our treatment of mankind. It also allows us to think on this issue from a scriptural perspective and not just one of legal diatribe.

Here is an excerpt from the issue that I believe offers some perspective:

The debate over immigration can’t be restricted to utilitarian or cultural discussions. For Christians, the issue of undocumented workers must be discussed in terms of biblical and theological truth as well. “In general I feel like so many Christians approach this issue from a purely economic or political point of view without really going back to the Bible to see what it says about immigrants and how to treat immigrants among us,” says Jenny Yang, director of advocacy and policy at World Relief. “As Christians, we have a responsibility to view this issue as Christians first and Americans second. Oftentimes in this debate it becomes so politicized that it becomes about or American values and not our Christian values. This is an issue that isn’t separated from the Church.”

Yes, this is a touchy issue. As a matter of fact, friends have told me not to use scripture to justify my thoughts on immigration because the illegals are still breaking the law of the land. My heart breaks when we choose to see all this from a legal angle only and not from the eyes of the Creator. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have been born in the United States. It’s a great joy to live in “the home of the brave and the land of the free.” Yet, we don’t choose where we are born and whether it is into a wealthy family. What we do choose is the way we treat others. The political view is important to Americans living only by American values, but it’s incomplete. Let us find a gracious and loving way to solve this issue. As Jesus followers, it must be through Him that we filter this issue…the least of these really do matter to Him. I can’t argue with that reality.

grace and peace…