Let me introduce you to my friend Charles David Osborn.  He goes by David, but my family and I call him Ozzie.  He probably doesn’t like it, but he’ll get over it.  David and I connected immediately after discovering we are both South Texans.  On top of that we are big time Spurs fans in the middle of Mavs country.  Most importantly, he loves Jesus and people.

Here’s what you should know about David:

– He’s a straight shooter when it comes to life
– He has a shepherd’s heart for the marginalized
– He’s a prophetic voice to the Church
– He’s an artistic and creative dreamer
– He’s my brother and his family means the world to me and mine
– He’s one of my best friends

Our special relationship warrants him two entries. Click on the links below and enjoy his raw honesty:

the table: confessions of a backslider [entry 1]

the table: confessions of a backslider [entry 2]

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