By Tim Williams


A few words on Fuzzy’s Tacos and restoration.

What an over used and abused word, right? Addiction. Can you be addicted to food? I guess some could be.

Well, I’ve been addicted to Fuzzy’s Fish Tacos since January of 2001. I’d just been hired by Bank of America to be a loan officer at their branch next to TCU, in Fort Worth. Fuzzy’s Tacos Shop was one block east of University Drive on Berry Street, which was one block from my office. I’d never had a fish taco before, but the place looked appealing. So, I tried them out one afternoon. I was hooked from the first taco.

But, this is not really about tacos, fish tacos nor my love of cilantro.

Really, it’s about what happens when you’re eating with someone, whether at a table, by campfire, or standing next to a taco cart.

I could go on and on about fish tacos, Fuzzy’s, or a good drink but this whole discussion around “the table”, for me, centers on eating, drinking, and restoration.

I don’t think it’s a great mystery that eating and drinking is so restorative to all parts of our being. I’ve read Jesus had many “table” sessions with his flowers and think we can all agree those “table” sessions changed our world, and greatly so.

I was somewhat surprised to find out the Bible references eating at least 600 times, and drinking at least 350 times, depending on the version you read. I myself enjoy two fish tacos, a beer, with chips & queso when I visit my favorite restaurant. Of course back in Jesus’ day they drank wine instead of beer and may or may not have wrapped their fish in flatbread!

The “table” at Fuzzy’s in Burleson is mainly where I experienced friendship and restoration. I would think you, the reader, have as well experience friendship and restoration at many tables. You see, I think, my normal defenses are down, your defenses are down, when we are eating and drinking. Yeah, stories are told, burdens are shared, and laughter is enjoyed with the occasional tear, but that’s what the abundant life is about. Right?

It’s no great mystery, is it? But somehow we neglect it, don’t we? That is, the “breaking bread” with one another, in the name of Jesus. Certainly getting together to sing and worship the Lord, getting together to hear the Bible preached and taught, and physically serving the orphans and widows is biblical and restorative. But, I’m reminded of Solomon’s words to “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die”. As well as when Jesus’ disciples were criticized when they were told “why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” Life is sustained at the table. The table we eat off at home every day. The one at the office. The ones at various restaurants. But, it’s the other party(s) that brings life to our spirit. I recall Jesus saying “man does not live on bread alone, but by every word of God”. Yep, you can eat food and drink, and still miss God’s words of life if you are not eating with the right people. Mainly, because they don’t share God’s words of life.

I found hope, joy, and friendship at “the table”. That’s it. Really, that’s it. At “the table,” I’ve experienced the Holy Spirit speak and bring restoration.

What’s the real point of writing this all down, for me? It’s probably to communicate to my brothers that meeting me at the table, in my mess, and in my growth, that I am deeply, sincerely, and genuinely thankful for them, appreciate and love their company, while enjoying who they are, and what they bring to “the table”.

May you find life at a table near you, this week.

Tim Williams



Personal thought:  Tim is a wonderful friend and brother who would give his last shirt for you. When I first met Tim my thought was, “Man, this dude has a lot of questions! I love it!” I could see he was hungry for Truth. Tim will often asks some doozies, which keeps us all on our toes at The Table. The cool thing is walking with him in discovering the answers. Seeing his life change over the past couple of years is indicative of the amazing transformation and restoration the Lord is doing his heart. What I’ve learned about Tim is that birds sing in his presence and it’s a beautiful thing. I’ll let him explain that on his next blog post.


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